Resources for using results

Resources for Using Results

This page provides resources to help participating colleges effectively utilize their employment outcomes survey results. The resources include a powerpoint template, a user guide, and example reports of how other colleges explored the data by program.

Power Point Template

A template Power Point presentation was developed to input your own college’s data and share with key stakeholders on your college.

User Guide

A survey was sent to the 15 pilot colleges that participated in the Career Technical Education (CTE) Outcomes Survey pilot in 2011-12. Based on the feedback from respondents, the guide is intended to provide new users of the survey with ideas on: how others used the survey results, who they shared the results with, and lessons learned through the process.

College Level Reports by Program

Each college is provided with a complete college-specific data file, which contains the raw data from the survey which can be used to dig deeper into the results. From this file, colleges can explore their results by program, ethnicity, gender, age, transfer status and much more.