The CTEOS is a statewide survey administered annually for the Chancellor's Office, to assess the employment outcomes of students who have participated in career technical education (CTE) coursework at California Community Colleges. For more information visit our homepage at

2020 College reports are now available! Click here to download.

Click the image below to download the 2020 Statewide Report.

2019 College Reports are now available to download here.

2019 Statewide Report is available to download here.


CTEOS is currently updating its public visualizations.
If you need access to any of the visualizations listed below, please email with the visualizations you would like access to.


2019 Data Tables (Statewide and Individual Colleges)

  • Employment Status
  • Full/Part-Time Status
  • Job Search Length
  • Job-Program Similarity
  • Local Awards and Earnings

2019 Visualizations (Statewide and Individual Colleges)

  • ​​​​​Survey Modality
  • Geography, Industry, and Wages
  • Year-Over-Year Wages by Job-Program Similarity
  • Satisfaction, Wages
  • Career Services and Impact on Employment



Legacy (Old) Visualizations

  • ​​​Response Rates by College
  • Response Rates
  • Earnings Before and After
  • Reasons for taking fewer classes
  • Current Employment Status
  • Coursework Impact on Employment
  • Current Job and Job Search
  • Jobs before and after coursework
  • Reasons for study
  • Job search after finishing courses
  • Disaggregation by Award Types and TOP Codes
  • 2016 Individual College Visualizations