Research Academy





Virtual Workshops


CTEOS Basics

Session Leader: Amil Gehrke, Director CTE Employment Outcomes Survey


Using R Markdown for CTE Biannual Report

Session Leaders: Leila Jamoosian, Research Analyst, Cabrillo College and
Terrence Willett, Dean of Research, Planning, and Institutional Effectiveness, Cabrillo College


What Does the Campus CTEOS Results Mean to You?

Session Leaders: Jeremy Smotherman, Research Analyst, El Camino College
 and Virginia Rapp, Dean of Business, El Camino College


Incorporating CTEOS into Annual Planning

Session Leader: Jeremy Smotherman, Research Analyst, El Camino College


Peek Under the Hood of LaunchBoard and Metric Alignment

Session Leaders: Karen Beltramo, Senior Project Manager, WestEd and
 Jessica Chittaphong, Program Coordinator, WestEd


Revealing Differences Between
Completers and Skills Builders within CTEOS Data

Session Leaders: Andrew Kretz, Research Analyst, College of the Desert
 and Daniel Martinez, Director, Institutional Research, College of the Desert


Why is CTEOS Important?
College Marketing Tools & Increasing Response Rates  

Monica Romero, Associate Dean, Career Education, San DIego Mesa College
Ashley Etchison, Director, Director of SWP Communications and Marketing, IEDRC, 
and Megan Rhodes, Research Technician, CTE Outcomes Survey


Automagic Equity Analysis of CTEOS Data:
Disproportionate Impact in Excel

Session Leaders: Craig Hayward, Dean of Institutional Effectiveness, Bakersfield College
Gio Sosa, Dean, Crafton Hills College
Maricela Orozco, Institutional Research Analyst, Bakersfield College


August 1-2, 2019