Promote CTEOS

Promoting CTEOS awareness and increasing your college's CTEOS response rates are important for many reasons. Promoting the CTEOS lets students know that your college is interested in their future. The CTEOS allows students to have their voices heard by providing your college with their honest feedback about their college experiences. CTEOS results gives your college important insight about specific CTE programs, and securing higher response rates provides a more accurate representation of your students. This is particularly important for smaller CTE programs, where a small handful of students can heavily influence the aggregate outcomes of that program.

Here are some ways your college can increase CTEOS response rates:

-Distribute these infographics to your students, staff, and faculty:

Increasing Response Rates

Understanding the CTEOS Process

The Value of CTEOS

-Advertise the CTEOS at your college's graduation ceremonies, especially CTE-focused ceremonies.

-Ensure that your college maintains an updated list of student contact information. In particular, ensure that your college collects personal email addresses because students rarely attend to their college email address after they have left their college.

-CTE faculty engagement is important for increasing CTEOS response rates. CTE faculty are encouraged to inform their students about the CTEOS and to mentioning the CTEOS in course syllabi.

-Regularly advertise the CTEOS across your college's social media presence so that students know when the CTEOS is coming, as well as feel assured that the survey is safe and legitimate to take.

-Students are more likely to open emails and respond to the survey if the survey invitation comes from an email address containing their school's domain. Speak with your IT department about setting up an SPF record so that the email address that sends the CTEOS survey contains your school's domain name. Let your IT department know that the CTEOS is distributed using the survey platform Qualtrics, and that instructions for setting up this process can be found by clicking here.