Advisory Committee

The CTEOS Advisory Committee is responsible for monitoring the progress of the survey and approving any proposed changes to the survey. The Advisory Committee meets at each of the two annual CCCAOE Meetings, and once during the CTEOS Research Academy.

Name Advisory Seat
Kathy Booth LaunchBoard
John Carrese Centers of Excellence
Evan Decker CTE Dean
Michael Goss Centers of Excellence
Martha Gutierrez CTE Non-Credit
KC Greaney Research
Raine Hambly CTE Non-Credit
Craig Hayward Research
Todd Hoig Chancellor's Office
Jill Leufgen Chancellor's Office
Zhenya Lindstrom CTE Dean
Jessica Luedtke CTE Non-Credit
Kit O'Doherty CTE Regional Consortia
Nita Patel Chancellor's Office
Rock Pfotenhauer CTE Regional Consortia
Terri Quenzer Sector Navigator
Virginia Rapp CTE Dean
Nick Real CCCAOE
Julius Sokenu CTE Dean
Terrence Willett Research

CTEOS Advisory Committee meeting at Spring 2019 CCCAOE